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Crypto hacks: Lazarus Group is said to have captured 571 million US dollars

According to the Russian IT security firm Group-IB, hackers of the Lazarus Group have been able to steal assets from crypto exchanges worth a total of $ 571 million since the beginning of 2017. The attacks are assigned to the North Korean government.

According to the annual report "Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2018" of the Moscow IT security company Group-IB, Lazarus appears to be the most successful hacker grouping when it comes to attacking crypto exchanges around the world to tap their digital assets. Since the beginning of last year, hackers controlled by the North Korean government reportedly stole wallets of various cryptocurrencies totaling $ 571 million. That's about 495.43 million euros. The cybercriminals are particularly targeting online trading venues in South Korea and Japan. The report is not yet publicly available. However, the news portal TNW reported in advance that in 2017 and 2018 together, were stolen assets totaling 882 million US dollars. The Lazarus Group should be responsible for the lion's share of these virtual thefts.

Phishers stole 56 percent of all captured ICO wallets

Most hackers use traditional methods such as spear phishing, social engineering and malware in this sector. In spear phishing, emails are received at the targets. These look like they came from a trusted source. In truth, the victims are lured to fake (fake) websites with the emails. There, the target computers are infiltrated using the malware implemented in the pages and then completely taken over. To achieve this, the cybercriminals send email infected PDF documents, as Group-IB reports.

After taking over the PCs, the hackers try to search the entire network of a company. It finds the computers and servers that contain the crypto currency wallet data. The perpetrators who use phishing are said to be responsible for 56 percent of the stolen ICO assets. The report says that about ten percent of all ICO wallets have been stolen within the last year and a half. Every month, the phishing hackers should be able to take about one million US dollars. The goal is not only the operators of crypto-trading venues, but also more people and companies who deal with the subject of crypto-mining. There is a lot of money to be found there too.

Especially perfidious: social engineering

So-called social engineering explores the private and professional environment of an employee in order to mislead him later. The messages of the offender, who pretends to be a contact, should provide confidence. The person (often a colleague or supervisor) then asks the victim to reveal passwords or other sensitive information. The hacker can maintain his deception until the person concerned comes up with the idea of ​​contacting the contact person by other means (for example, by telephone). In that case the fraud flies up immediately. Of course, with trustworthy or authoritarian audiences, social engineering succeeds significantly more often than with skeptical people who are not afraid to get involved. B. make unpopular by her control call to her supervisor.

Lazarus Group – or covert operations under false flag?

Even though there is no apparent reason for a Russian company to make false accusations towards North Korea, such accusations should always be treated with caution. Secret services or leading corporations acting on their behalf are often misled. One wants to distract from one's own identity. In professional circles one speaks of "false flag operations". This means covert operations by military or intelligence organizations under the false flag. This procedure has always been standard in information technology.

No effort is too big

But back to the hacks and provable data. What is certain is that the continuing crypto-boom is playing into the hands of hackers of all stripes. And the fact is that it pays to invest many months and lots of money in attacks. Why? Because there is a lot to capture. From the first planning to the successful implementation of such a complex operation, months, if not years, can go into the country. How much effort is sometimes operated, shows very clearly the infiltration of several Asian crypto exchanges using a specially developed trading software together with the establishment of a cover company. The members of the Lazarus Group wanted to disguise the true nature of their programs for Mac OS X and Windows.

Conclusion. Just as Saint Lazarus of Bethany was raised from the dead by Jesus, so are new rumors about the activities of the Lazarus Group or Russian hackers spread over and over again. In the rarest cases, there is strong evidence of cyberattacks that can be trusted. Also, what the perpetrators from Pyongyang have done, nobody knows except them.


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, Crypto hacks: Lazarus Group is said to have captured 571 million US dollars, Criptomonedas e ICOsLars Sobiraj started in 2000 as a career changer for various computer magazines. In 2006, gulli.com was joined by numerous other online magazines. In addition, since 2014, Lars Sobiraj has contributed to the use of the Internet and social networks at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences Fresenius for Sustainable Marketing & Leadership (M.A.). Some time ago, interest in the subject of cryptocurrencies arose.

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